29 November 2017

Sample Library organization

Organizing your sample library is always problematic. When you're on a roll and want to find a specific sample quickly but can't remember where it is.
Well, perhaps Coggle can help.

Coggle is a freeware mind-mapping web application. Like other mind-mapping software, Coggle produces hierarchically structured documents, like a branching tree.

What this means is, at the least you will be able to layout your sample folder structure so that you can decide, in a simple visual way, what structure will best suit your style of music.

Here is my complete folder structure, including business and client folders.

Click for a bigger view

And here is a view of part of my Sample Library structure

Click for a bigger view

Give Coggle a try. You can save the structure to PDF and print it out as you want.

21 November 2017


A new Ambient Industrial track to accompany a privately released video commision.

1 September 2017

Using Trello as a Master Project template


Trello is a collaboration tool that lets you organize your projects into boards. In one glance,Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.

Trello lets you lay out information across a Board which can contain many Lists, each of which can hold many cards into which you can add comments, upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels and due dates, and more. Best of all, it's free (unlimited Boards, Lists, Cards, Members, Checklists, and attachments).

I have found that using Trello to help me remember and comment on each step of my music production has been very useful.
My Music Project Board hold many Lists, filled with cards, which can be about any aspect of your music production. I have cards covering musical key structure, production notes, sound design tricks, and so on.

1 August 2017

Life Events

Another Ambient experiment

30 July 2017

Princess Parizade

A new piece exploring the use of story telling narrative as a composition aid. This is developed from 1001 Arabian nights.

24 July 2017

Roland sale!

These were recently auctioned on ebay. Don't get excited ... it was just the empty boxes. Which went for around $40 each. Luckily I always keep my old boxes.

11 May 2017

Learn music production with Ableton

Ableton has created a fantastic online tool to teach the basics of music production.

I can see this becoming a very popular tool with music teachers as it gets the basics across in a very easy and imaginative way allowing you to test out different rhythms, basslines, melodies etc.

The Learning Music website includes chapters on beats, chords, melodies and basslines, which all come with examples from established songs like Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, Inner City’s ‘Good Life’ and ‘Single Ladies’ by BeyoncĂ©

Start here - Learning Music

8 May 2017


Lament. A new piece where I focused on better balancing of tracks and mastered separately. Hope you enjoy it.

2 April 2017

Father of Roland and the 808 has died

Word is spreading that the maestro, Ikutaro Kakehashi founder of Japanese giant Roland, known affectionately to fans simply as “Mr. K,” has died today at the age of 87

24 March 2017