28 April 2013


Hands in the air solid trance with some interesting moments. Pizz strings are made with Spitfire Loegria and the vocals are extracted from the lovely Carly Rae Jepson – Good Time from the Kiss album.

Here is the meter view in Ozone during the mastering session of Unblinking.

27 April 2013


Elemental – produced in Ableton Live 9 and Mastered in Adobe Audition using Izotope Ozone 5

Avicii – Hide and Seek

‘Hide and Seek’ is a 2005 song written, produced, and performed by Imogen Heap. The song is performed with the sole accompaniment of a keyboard synth transformed by a vocoder, creating an altered a cappella sound. The challenge for me was to correctly warp the vocals to fit the Avicii based backing. The objective was education. Here is my interpretation of this great piece.

Crazy English Halcyon

My mashup of Faithless (Crazy English Summer) vs. Orbital (Halcyon) featuring the beautiful vocals of  Zoe Johnston. The bass gave me grief, DX came good, 127Bpm in AMaj

Getting the vocals warped correctly took me hours and hours – great learning experience. Struggled to get a good bass sound that was good on all notes. Some gave a sort of hollow phased sound. Doubled the bass and offset by 5ms (Haas effect) to try to thicken the sound – partially successful. I now know that bass should never be treated in this way – keep it mono – always.

25 April 2013