1 October 2013

Band With No Name

During the month of October 2013 I met with the members of a band from Hamburg in Germany and was excited to be invited to one of their rehearsals. As was fairly typical for Hamburg, the evening of the rehearsal we had heavy snowfall and getting to the rehearsal needed quite a spirit of adventure.

Band members are currently Stephie who is the band vocalist, Stefan on bass and lead guitar, Lazlo on lead guitar and Dirk on drums.

The band produce a tight sound in the classic rock genre with many of the pieces being written by the lead guitarist, Lazlo. The sound they produce is well balanced although there is sometimes a tendency to push Stephie’s vocals to the limit when she is placed in competition with the lead guitar; however, we were in a rehearsal situation with no final microphone placement or balancing being done.

The whole group work very hard and I look forward to hearing the progress at some future date.

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