9 May 2014

Sound cards – a dilemma

The Focusrite Pro 14 is what I currently use

The Native Instruments Audio 6 is what I am considering using.
  • USB 2.0 vs. Firewire – not a problem
  • Mic pre-amps seem to be equally good
  • Both good sturdy construction
  • NI can’t easily power two powered microphones (as it’s not mains powered), but that is not a concern for me personally.
Bottom line is that the NI machine is just more sexy !
Caution – Unlike the Focusrite, the Komplete Audio 6 (and most other cards) doesn’t have a loop back feature to allow you to record sound directly from inside your computer e.g. record the sound you hear whilst playing something on YouTube. I used the Headphone output of the Komplete Audio 6 fed back to input 1/2 of the Focusrite to allow the loop-back recording.

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