30 June 2014

A Report of an Emergency

Inspired by an emergency report on the television. This has been the product of many days work as I wanted to get the sound quality as good as I could, paying very careful attention to the sound balance. The sub base has been doubled to play back on a Juno 106 to make sure it is audible on smaller mobile players.

Strings come from Spitfire Loegria library, drums from my SoWeird Ableton Instrument Rack, sub bass from Sylenth and other sounds from U-He Zebra HZ

An amusing aside – just for a few minutes I was ahead of Imogen Heap who had a new piece up for 15 minutes without a ‘Like’ – I got one from Cline Roussel after 3 minutes.

Thank-you Cline Roussel – whoever you are.

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