30 August 2014

The Song That Never Was

I started developing this piece as an education exercise for Deep House. After a while it mutated and became much heavier and would now probably be termed as Progressive House.

The piece is in A minor at BPM 120, produced and Mastered in Ableton Live and uses some samples of Imogen Heap of the same name. Main instrumentation was Loegria Strings and U-He Zebra HZ. I was especially happy with the use of Corpus on the low strings - using the Plate tuned to 440Hz and modulating the ratio with a Max 4 Live LFO.

Hope you enjoy it.

8 August 2014

Using Ableton Templates to speed your workflow

I’m sure that like me, you want to spend your time creatively, rather than drowning in the technical aspects of your chosen DAW, then anything that helps speed up your workflow is important.

In Ableton Live, using templates is one of the biggest time savers when you are starting a new piece of music.
Ableton comes ready loaded with a set of templates which you can use. Look under the Live 8 Library and you will find the Ableton Master Template folder. Double-click any of these templates to load them.
However, that’s only the start as you can add your own Audio and Midi tracks with your preferred devices and effects and save this as your own template.
Use ‘File/Save Live Set as‘ and place it in Ableton’s Template folder in the Ableton Library. As an example, you may choose to add an EQ 8 and Compressor to each Audio track and a Simpler to each Midi track.
Note : the default template used when you create a new set, resides in Live’s Preferences folder rather than in the Library, so If you want your template to be the default one each time you open Ableton use ‘Options/Preferences/File Folder‘ and click the ‘Save Current Set as Default‘ option.