12 September 2014

Tone2 updates FireBird to V2.1 and sets it free

FireBird 2 is now being offered for free by Tone2 the German company based in Munich. FireBird is not just a subtractive synthesizer but also uses Harmonic Content Morphing synthesis (HCM) which lets you load waveforms from a library and transpose it to bring out different harmonics. The release also contains 70 additional sounds.


  • Very easy to program and easy to use 
  • A unique sounding synthesis: Harmonic content morphing (HCM) 
  • High sound quality: Warm, transparent 
  • 437 hand picked presets included, over 1000 sounds available 
  • 84 oscillator types containing 18,000 morphable waveforms 
  • 38 different filter types 
  • True stereo mode, 4x unison mode, and up to 8 oscillators per voice 
  • Can sound like other synthesis methods - additive, subtractive, AM, FM, phase distortion, supersaw, vocoder, sync 
  • Can sound like natural instruments like piano, brass, organs... 
  • 23 spectral manipulations or “modifiers” can be applied to the oscillators 
  • 21 arpeggiator types 
  • 13 effect typesSkinable user interface 
You can download from Tone2 here:

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