28 September 2014

Studio maintenance

It's that time again - clean off the collected grime, service the bad parts, refresh the plugs and inserts.

Allen & Heath System 8 - I like the brown scheme. It reminds me of those early EMI consoles from Abbey Road. It is a warm colour, in tune with the warm sound this console has.

20 September 2014

17 September 2014


We are French, we are 4, we love
graphic design, music and multimedia,
so we made Incredibox!

This is super cool

You create your own music by simply dropping the appropriate outfit onto the avatars. Add Beats, add Effects, add Melodies, add voices, enjoy.

Here is a little doodle I put together in about 20 seconds. Cool.

12 September 2014

Tone2 updates FireBird to V2.1 and sets it free

FireBird 2 is now being offered for free by Tone2 the German company based in Munich. FireBird is not just a subtractive synthesizer but also uses Harmonic Content Morphing synthesis (HCM) which lets you load waveforms from a library and transpose it to bring out different harmonics. The release also contains 70 additional sounds.


  • Very easy to program and easy to use 
  • A unique sounding synthesis: Harmonic content morphing (HCM) 
  • High sound quality: Warm, transparent 
  • 437 hand picked presets included, over 1000 sounds available 
  • 84 oscillator types containing 18,000 morphable waveforms 
  • 38 different filter types 
  • True stereo mode, 4x unison mode, and up to 8 oscillators per voice 
  • Can sound like other synthesis methods - additive, subtractive, AM, FM, phase distortion, supersaw, vocoder, sync 
  • Can sound like natural instruments like piano, brass, organs... 
  • 23 spectral manipulations or “modifiers” can be applied to the oscillators 
  • 21 arpeggiator types 
  • 13 effect typesSkinable user interface 
You can download from Tone2 here:

2 September 2014


Sturiophonia is a stereo image widener and sound placement tool born from an idea of Turi Curello.

This free plugin splits a mono signal into two parts and creates a pseudo stereo image by use of internal filtering and panning. It is possible to adjust the dry/wet levels to allow the original signal to pass through and be mixed with the processed sound.

The best way to use this plugin is with mono tracks but you can switch the input to stereo if you want to use it on your main mix (but I'm not sure why you would be doing that really).

The results depend very much on the source material and some experimentation is generally advised. You can pick it up from MaxSynths web site.