24 November 2014

Slate Digital - Virtual Mix Rack

Slate Digital have come out with a Virtual Mix Rack which operates as a virtual 500 series rack with hot-swappable modules. It includes four mix modules, including two classic eq's and two mix compressors. More modules will follow.

As a nice temptation SD are offering a FREE module called Revival. Revival borrows aspects of tubes, tape, transformers, and world class analog filters to create two processes.

There is a nice VU-Meter (lit when unit is active) that displays the output signal level. Unfortunately there is no input signal level setting.
The Shimmer control plays with the high-end of the signal and can be used to add air, brightness and clarity. The Thickness control works on the low-end to fatten just about anything up.

See a demo of Revival here.

You will need an iLok key to store the licence data for Revival (and Revival's license will never expire), but if you choose to buy the whole Virtual Mix Rack for $149, you get an iLok key included in the price.

I have used Revival on individual tracks and it is quite magical on drums, but it can also be used on your mastering to bring out some details.

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