23 February 2015

Bitsonic Violent Transient

The Bitsonic Violent Transient. What an intriguing name Bitsonic have given this transient shaper which they are offering for free (only for 32-bit Windows VST).

It seems to be a theme with them with products such as Godlike, Waspy, the Cannabis Vocoder and Gnat.

A transient is a high amplitude, short-duration sound at the beginning of a waveform that occurs in phenomena such as musical sounds, noises or speech. For example with the kick it's important for the sound to not only chug in deep frequency, but also slap. This can help you produce dynamic, lively music, so long as you don't overdo it - kind of like increasing the contrast in a picture - nice when applied tastefully but easy to overdo.

The Bitsonic Violent Transient can be, ahem .. a little violent if you misuse it and is not as smooth (in my opinion) as the Transient Audio Assault I looked at in a previous post.

I will absolutely have to try out the Cannabis Vocoder at some point - like some of the other Bitsonic products it is also FREE !!

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