4 April 2015

More from Bitsonic

Earlier this year, Bitsonic released a transient shaper plugin called the Violent Transient and I spoke about here.
Bitsonic produce some pretty good kit - even better as much of it is free - yes, indeed.

Now they have taken almost the same interface and are giving it away as a Violent Delay.

The Violent delay is a simple 32 bit VST delay plugin where you can change the delay with chorus, filter and phaser. Each effect is interesting in its own right and can be switched in or out as required.

Some of the more notable functions are:
  • Mid-side: at 0 state it functions as a delay mono, at maximum it functions as a ping-pong delay
  • Reverse: a really interesting effect which turns the delay around
  • LFO: automated filter can be used to modulate your filter
You can down load the free Violent Delay here.

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