21 May 2015

Against the clock - now it's Mak & Pasteman

Against The Clock - Mak & Pasteman

Up next on FACT TV's Against The Clock series, Leeds duo Mak & Pasteman. Their tactics here are pretty simple: set a key and let the machines speak for themselves.

Posted by FACT Magazine on Thursday, 21 May 2015

12 May 2015


How cool is this? If you're lacking a bit of inspiration, what are you waiting for?
As its name suggests, Typedrummer is a drum machine that turns words from your keyboard into a rhythm. Enjoy


It's always your choice who you are. A musical tribute to Waking Life.

2 May 2015

ANS Virtual Synth

Some time ago I wrote a short article about the history of Russian synthesis and especially, the ANS Synthesiser.
Now I have produced a track which uses a short extract from the Virtual ANS Synthesiser.
I hope to do some more in the future.