16 June 2015


Cool! I've been looking for some nice Shakuhachi sounds for some time and now Samplephonics have come up with the (free) goods. Go to their web site and check under Products / Free Stuff.

They are a great company who send me regular updates and offers - check 'em out.

12 June 2015

RF Music updates rf Destroyer to V1.1

RFMusic has updated their rf Destroyer to V1.1. Destroyer 1 is a free Multi-FX VST module which includes:
  • Noise Gate
  • Drive and Distortion
  • Bit Crusher
  • Pre and Master Filters
  • EQ
  • Compressor and Limiter
  • Flanger and Chorus
  • Delays and Reverb
In short it does practically everything.

Differences from V1.0 are Improved performance: Uses less CPU and Ram and loads faster.GUI: Minor changes.
Meters: More accurate.
Presets: Updated both Factory and Evil preset banks.

If you want to go the whole hog and get Destroyer 2 it will cost 30 USD