14 July 2015

More from Samplephonics

What I really like about Samplephonics is that they always focus on the unusual. Now they have produced samples of a Cumbus.
A Cumbus (in case you didn't know) is a traditional Turkish instrument shaped like a Banjo, with an aluminium resonator and skin soundboard.

When bowed it unleashes rich harmonics and evolving textural tones, perfect for creating organic pads and chords.

Get the free Freebie version here at Samplephonics

ps. there is a video as well

New from Klanghelm

If you have never heard of Klanghelm then you are really missing out. I have several VST's from these guys (I think actually it is just one guy - Tony Frenzel) and they are really good. No noise, no bother, they just do exactly what they are supposed to do.

To start you off here is a freebie. The MJUC Jr. It is is a variable-mu** compressor with lots of vibe, capable of smooth levelling but also heavy pumping effects. With its two gain stages and interstage transformer simulation it offers a very deep and lively sound stage.
The three-position timing switch not only controls the attack and release times of the unit, but also the slew rate of the transformers and the timing of the other parts of the circuitry, that are directly influencing the generated harmonics (saturation).

More details and download at Klanghelm