21 January 2016

17 January 2016

Delia - a tribute

My small tribute to the great Delia Derbyshire for her special day today in Manchester UK.
The piece contains snippets from much of her work woven together to salute her pioneering spirit.

... and here is just the music on Soundcloud which is available for download if you like.


Yes ! It's today. Delia Derbyshire Day is here.

Go and visit if you are in the Manchester UK area.

I have been working on a piece of music as a tribute which I will release later today.

10 January 2016

Simple Gated Reverb

Creating gated reverb on your drums doesn't have to be difficult. Here is an example of adding gated reverb on a snare hit using an Instrument Rack in Ableton.
I started by dragging a Max 4 Live Convolution Reverb onto by snare track (or just use Ableton stock Reverb if you don't have M4L)

9 January 2016

Triggering external hardware from Ableton

Ableton as a controller

This post deals with connecting your sound card to Ableton and the settings needed to send midi clip data to external equipment. In our case, we wanted to send midi signals out to lighting rigs and smoke machines for our theatre production.
This information is designed for PC use, there will be slight (but not significant) differences when using a Mac. I will cover how to:

  • Choose your Audio Device and set it up
  • Create a midi clip and route it to the midi out
  • Connect to DMX controller and deal with timing issues

7 January 2016

Professional Audio Tools - sTilt

The sTilt is a linear phase filter which tilts the audio spectrum around a given center frequency.

3 January 2016

CodeFN42 - Chordz making harmony easier than ever

Some time ago CodeFN42 released a midi chord effect called 'Cales' and I spoke about it here.

It was quite a good little tool, however, they have now taken it to the next level by releasing a VST plugin called 'Chords' which is really great. It fixes all the little points which were missing before.

Chordz is a VST plugin that allows you to trigger full chords by playing single notes.