10 January 2016

Simple Gated Reverb

Creating gated reverb on your drums doesn't have to be difficult. Here is an example of adding gated reverb on a snare hit using an Instrument Rack in Ableton.
I started by dragging a Max 4 Live Convolution Reverb onto by snare track (or just use Ableton stock Reverb if you don't have M4L)

There are some nice drum reverbs under 'Made for Drums' I chose the 'Snare Chamber'. Now right mouse click on the reverb and choose 'Group', (or use Ctrl + G) to place this in an Instrument Rack. Click on the Hide/Show Chain icon to see the Chain list.

I renamed the Chain 'Reverb' before I right mouse click to create a new Chain which I call 'Dry'

Make sure you reduce the volume by around -6dB to avoid overloading the output. The Dry Chain simply lets the normal snare hit through. On the Reverb Chain we have the Convolution Reverb with it's Dry/Wet mix set at 100% Wet.
After this we can now add a Gate as shown below (click to 'embiggen')

Open the Side Chain on the Gate and set it to trigger from itself. Adjust the 'Hold' and 'Release' parameters to taste.

You can continue to place additional items after the Gate such as a Saturator or Beat Repeat, or even place them on another Chain so you can mix in exactly the amount you want - which can also be controlled by automation in your music.

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