29 November 2017

Sample Library organization

Organizing your sample library is always problematic. When you're on a roll and want to find a specific sample quickly but can't remember where it is.
Well, perhaps Coggle can help.

Coggle is a freeware mind-mapping web application. Like other mind-mapping software, Coggle produces hierarchically structured documents, like a branching tree.

What this means is, at the least you will be able to layout your sample folder structure so that you can decide, in a simple visual way, what structure will best suit your style of music.

Here is my complete folder structure, including business and client folders.

Click for a bigger view

And here is a view of part of my Sample Library structure

Click for a bigger view

Give Coggle a try. You can save the structure to PDF and print it out as you want.

21 November 2017


A new Ambient Industrial track to accompany a privately released video commision.